SBFPD Fire Marshal’s Office

Code Enforcement

The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District’s Fire Prevention Office, headed up by our Fire Marshal, permits and inspects new constructions on residential and commercial structures, all renovations, outbuildings, docks or any other project involving life safety requirements. Permits may be obtained by filling out the permit and submitting plans to Fire District Headquarters. The District is currently in the 2018 ICC Code cycle. Those projects found to be in violation of the District ordinance or not properly permitted are subject to the removal of utilities and other corrective actions.

Due to high volume, Dock Permit Inspections run on average 30—45 days from submission of the application. The SBFPD is not responsible for issues arising from home sales that are dependent on dock inspections. Real Estate Agents and residents are encouraged to submit dock inspection applications as early as possible in a home sale. Dock inspections are good for one year from the time of inspection and a final passing inspection must be completed prior to use. Our goal is to ensure the safety of both our current and incoming residents.